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Month: August 2016

Jealous Of My Friend’s Indoor Herb Garden

Jealous Of My Friend’s Indoor Herb Garden

Because I travel so much, I have to give up a lot of things. Things that people with permanent homes get to have. Things like televisions and cars and furniture. And also plants. I love to eat healthy just as much as I love drinking tea. But when you travel it’s really hard to find healthy food all the time.

led grow light in an indoor garden
Potato plants growing under an LED grow light

One of the big problems is getting quality vegetables and fruits. You never know what kind of pesticides they’ve been sprayed with, and many times the water is even filthier than that, so you can’t really wash them. You wind up eating all kinds of harmful chemicals. There is nothing you can do about it.

Of course people who don’t travel have the same problem, but they can grow their own vegetables and fruits. That’s something I’ve always envied. I always wanted to have my own organic garden. A place where I can grow my own fruits and my own vegetables and my own herbs, so that I don’t have to eat the crap they sell in supermarkets in most countries.

Even buying organic doesn’t really solve the problem. Would you trust a Chinese store that tells you they’re selling organic food? That’s a redundant question. Unless you answered “yes, I would.” In that case I have some bad news for you. You can’t trust anything you’re told in China. There are plenty of reports of everything being sold fake. Fake eggs, fake walnuts, fake meat. Nothing labeled organic in that country is actually organic. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they just bought the fruits and vegetables at the supermarket, slapped an organic label on them and resold them at three times the cost.

Anyway, the reason for this post (my first in over a year, I know – I’ve just been so busy with other things) is that I recently spent some time at a friends house. This friend is married with two children. Ever since they had kids, they began to really think about the food they buy. They don’t want to poison their kids, obviously.

Now, they live in the city and don’t have space for a garden. At least not a traditional garden. Instead what they’ve done is used one of the smaller rooms in their house and have started growing their own little garden there.

It’s a dark room and doesn’t get enough light for a garden, so they’ve had to supplement the little sunlight that comes through a small window by buying a grow light. This is something I didn’t know much about, but I found it a very interesting subject when talking to my friends.

Apparently there are whole bunch of different technologies and one of the newest are LED grow lights. That’s what they bought. These things are really expensive, but they give a ton of light that’s perfect for plans and they don’t create the kind of heat some of the other lights do. You also don’t have to change the bulbs at all.

It seems like a great thing if you can afford it. And I can tell you what they grow in their garden tastes amazing and look so fresh and clean. I loved eating at their place and if I ever stop traveling and settle in one location, I’m definitely going to get my own grow light just like the one they had and start growing my own vegetables.

Anyway, kind of rambling post today. Just some thoughts I had on recent long train ride. I think maybe I’m starting to reach the point where I want to stop traveling and get my own place. It would have other benefits too, like being able to get tea shipped in, which is something you can’t do when you travel.

It doesn’t much matter when you’re in a country like Japan or China where you can get great tea, but when you’re traveling in a country without tea, it really sucks. I really miss tea at those times. Anyway, enough rambling.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had your own garden, especially if you’ve had an indoor garden like my friends do.